Who is the SiteGo opportunity for?

Stay at Home Parents & Entrepreneurs


Are you looking to earn extra money or start a business?

SiteGo  lets you start your own business or earn an additional income with very little investment. Start at your own pace and the earning potential is limited to only how much you want it to be!

Website Designers


Are you looking to increase the profitability of your business?

SiteGo  enables you to create stunning full-custom web sites without the expense and delay of programming. Generate a residual revenue stream after the initial design job to supplement your income. Enhance site functionalities with cloud applications without custom coding and integration. If you prefer to focus on design and not technical support, we can provide chat and email support for you (modest fee applies).

Design Agencies

Are you turning down smaller projects and leaving money on the table?

SiteGo helps you monetize projects that are otherwise too small for your agency. Quickly create new sites by adjusting flexible stock designs. Add elegant animations and mouse-over effects to create the high-end look-and-feel without the high-end cost. Upsell your client with additional cloud applications and increase your recurring revenue stream.